Hey Im Anika (Aka @LiterallyAnika on all social media) I live in Dubai and moved from the UK in 1998, however over the last few years I have lived between London Los Angeles and Dubai. I can literally say I have grown up with Dubai's Skyscrapers.

Although I graduated with a Business Degree I realised the world of travel and entertainment is where my heart is. My love for being in front of the camera and creating content has opened up many opportunities that have allowed me to travel all over the world, present on TV, model and host popular events in the Middle East.

Over the last year I have been building up my presence on social media with specific content based around my passion for travel, lifestyle & entertainment some of which you can see on Periscope, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube where I create vlogs from all my adventures.

In 2016 I was lucky enough to work with some incredible brands and am now also an
official brand ambassador for GoPro and Royal Caribbean cruise lines.


University Of Manchester UK – The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business USA. Degree: BSC Honors in International Management with American Business.

Name - Anika Morjaria | Birthday - May | Nationality - British Languages - 2 (English, Gujarati) | Star Sign - Gemini


Fitness - PT Level 2. I have always had a huge passion for health and fitness. I work out 5-6 days a week and keep my eating habits in check 90% of the time. It’s all about moderation!

Travel - I have been lucky enough to travel all over the world since I was a child and I am always eager to explore the corners of the world I have not yet touched. There is so much to see and I am eager to continue creating content that will inspire more people to travel.

Photography - Although I am not a professional photographer I really enjoy taking photos. I upload many of them onto my instagram (@LiterallyAnika)


I absolutely love listening to a good podcast. I have learnt so much from the little old podcast app. If you haven't explored it you should, it’s incredible how much information is on there and especially great if reading isn't your thing!

Music Festivals

One of my favorite things to do in the world is spend a few days an incredible music festival with friends. Some of my favorite have been Glastonbury, Coachella and Bestival.


I was born in London, raised in Dubai but I am of Indian origin.

Dubai is awesome but I am open to living wherever opportunity strikes!

I started because I wanted to get into TV hosting. I knew no company would hire me without any on camera experience so I decided to create my own video’s. I was also extremely nervous in front of the camera but I knew if I could just get comfortable, my personality would eventually come out. I therefore decided to start a YouTube channel and I feel like I have really overcome my nerves and fear of the camera. Periscope the LIVE stream app has also helped tremendously with my presenting skills.

Like I mentioned above, the reason I started making videos was for camera practice. I didn't have an agenda in terms of content and instead of stressing about what that would be I just thought to myself “I have zero followers it doesn't matter, let me just start” So i started and I just made videos about whatever I was interested in. At the moment however I am really enjoying creating vlogs. It is amazing to be able to share the city I live in and the things I get to experience whilst traveling.

I use a GoPro Hero5 and my Canon G7X

I had no idea how to edit at the start of 2015 but downloaded Final Cut Pro at the end of February. I basically learnt by watching lots of YouTube videos.

I am happy to promote products or brands I believe in so please send a message to anika@literallyanika.com so we can discuss things in more detail.

If you are using anything of mine please link back to:
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