I jumped onto Periscope about a month after it had launched and I have to say that is one of my favorite apps to use. If you haven't checked it out I would highly recommend you do. I wrote an article on Medium about my experience with it which you can see here

Live streaming for me is another way to practice my ability to present live, hold up a conversation and interact with all the users that decide to join my stream. The interaction is my favorite aspect of this application as I feel it gives me a rush and the energy to keep producing content people love to watch.

Some of my most memorable Periscope streams and events to date are:

  1. Windsurfing Periscope - where I attached my GoPro to the front of a windsurf board and sailed LIVE. This stream actually got featured and received over 61,000 replays in about 12 hours!
  2. Where I attached my go pro to a gyrocopter with no body and streamed low and high level flying through the desert between trees and over dunes and a lake.
  3. I was involved with a campaign here in Dubai with Dubai Tourism (See Article here) which was an incredible week where I had the chance to meet other Top Periscopers from around the world (Australia, USA and Europe)
  4. The Periscope Summit - This event was held in San Francisco Jan 2016. For this even I was invited to speak on the Travel panel where myself and 3 other periscopes discussed how we use Live Streaming to showcase our travel experiences.
  5. I was recently featured in this article on the Huffington Post and this article in a local newspaper for being a top periscope in my region.