• @literallyanika

I jumped onto Periscope about a month after it had launched and I have to say that is one of my favorite apps to use. If you haven't checked it out I would highly recommend you do.

  • @LiterallyAnika

I actually join in Instagram in 2010 so thats when my first photos are. The thing was, back then, it was just another app and it is nothing like it is today!

  • @literallyanika

I was reluctant to join this platform however I jumped on in October 2015 and have been obsessed since.

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This is where you can find all of my vlogs!

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I also upload all my videos onto Facebook however another format I was experimenting with on Facebook was my “Literally One Minute” videos where I regularly upload life hacks to help make your life a little easier.

  • @literallyanika

I love hearing and interacting with you all and this is where I do it the most!