I initially met Anika through another brand partner we had worked with. From the moment she introduced herself, it was clear that I wanted to work with her again. Her quick wit, laugher, and intelligence connected with our audiences on such a level that we extended our relationship with her throughout 2017. Not only is she a force to be reckoned with on camera, but she’s a delightfully fun and engaging individual to work with off-camera. Her willingness to learn about the brand and share content ideas is exactly what we’re looking for!

Royal Caribbean

Anika is a very passionate adventurer. She takes her GoPro everywhere, whether that be on a cruise trip to the Caribbean or on a trip all over Europe. Her photos and videos exude her passion and they never cease to amaze us. Anika’s dedication to the GoPro family is invaluable and for that we thank her for the love and support she shares with us.


Anika, an energetic adventurous soul, eager to show the world what her city is made of! At The Top Burj Khalifa is a place where adventure and achievement meet and Anika truly fits the image. Anika's work reflects her energy and passion towards us and we were glad to have her feature us as one of her first explorations.

Top Burj Khalifa

Literally Anika was a consummate professional and an amazing person to work with. Before the event she met up with the team and I to discuss ideas and brought a lot of creativity to the table. She briefed us on how she'd like to present and advised us on where she thought best to have sound stages set up at the location. As well her excellent preparation Anika was sublime at the event knowing exactly who to interview and what questions to ask. We were so impressed with her that we used again for another one of our big glitzy events, and we look forward to working with her again and again.


It is always a pleasure to have ‘LiterallyAnika’ visit

Burj Al Arab

Anika definitely captured the vibe that Bounce stands for. Experiencing the Free Jumping Revolution for the first time at the JBR setup, she was up for learning new techniques on the trampoline. Adventurous people, such as Anika, is what Dubai needs to encourage not only the youth but people of all ages to have fun in an active way. We found the video extremely entertaining and light-hearted which is what we're about at Bounce


Inflight Dubai is a leading indoor skydiving tunnel operator based in Dubai. We had the biggest international competition last year in November. We were looking at all kind of innovative ways to promote the competition and hired international experts. Periscope was rather new to us and with Anika we had the perfect partner to assist us in that area. Her commitment was exceptional and the interaction with the international guests was above all expectations. Anika helped us successful to achieve our goal for local and international awareness.